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The best way to learn Spanish in a short time.

Spanish intensive course

Intensive Spanish course Barcelona

Clarence House School located in Sabadell, Barcelona, offers exceptional quality in teaching Spanish through its intensive summer courses.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the language, culture, and customs of Spain, and is taught by experienced and certified Spanish teachers who are passionate about teaching the language to students from all over the world.

Spanish courses Barcelona

Learning Spanish is easy

You will learn Spanish with qualified and enthusiastic teachers who will teach
you all the most important aspects of Spanish culture as well as common
phrases and expressions that will help you integrate into the language and
culture of the country.

inglés para adultos Sabadell

Online Spanish classes

Learn Spanish whenever you want and from wherever you want

Flexible lessons that will enable you to learn Spanish quickly and effortlessly. Conversation-oriented practical classes where you will work
on pronunciation, fluency and learn common expressions in colloquial as
well as business Spanish while improving your listening skills.

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Learn Spanish online, in intensive courses… Which one best suits you?…Write to us and we will advise you to get started!!!

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Intensive course Spanish

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Online Spanish intensive course

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Teacher training

Spanish in Barcelona


Clarence House is located just a few miles outside Barcelona and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that provide students with the opportunity to explore the city and its culture.

These activities include:

Cultural visits

Guided tours

Excursions to nearby attractions.

They not only provide a fun way to explore the city but also provide opportunities to practice speaking Spanish with locals.

Spanish classes Barcelona

Spanish lessons Barcelona

The classes are small in size and therefore the courses provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn Spanish in a short amount of time while immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of Barcelona.


One of the cool aspects of the language school is the option to stay with host families or in student residences. This provides an immersive experience that allows students to practice their Spanish language skills in real-life situations. Staying with a host family also gives students the opportunity to learn more about the Spanish culture and customs.

Alternatively, students can find their own accommodation, if they prefer.

Make new friends and speak fluently

Begin to speak Spanish

Learn Inmersive Spanish

Our Spanish Language School

Overall, Clarence House in Sabadell, Barcelona is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn Spanish in a short amount of time.

The quality of the courses, experienced teachers, and immersive learning experiences make it a top choice for language learners. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, you will leave the school with a solid foundation in the Spanish language and a deeper appreciation for the Spanish culture.

Spanish classes for foreigners Barcelona

Additional information and frequently asked questions

Spanish classes for foreign adults Sabadell

Spanish classes for foreigners: Where to study Spanish?

At Clarence House Sabadell, the Spanish courses for foreigners are designed with specific content by our specialized teaching team, who will assess your level and objectives to establish your study plan and learn Spanish in a short time.

Spanish classes for foreigners online

Spanish classes for foreigners: What do you learn first?

As happens when we begin to learn a language, it is advisable to know how it is pronounced, in this way we fix that sound in our minds. Therefore, the first thing you should learn is pronunciation. Your first classes should be aligned to learning the sounds of vowels and consonants, grammar rules, word association, and the best way to start is to enroll in a course at a specialized center like Clarence House Sabadell, Barcelona where we will guide you throughout your learning process.